The digital experience

Let's get real: We live in a digital age.

While we may not be traveling in zero emission, 100% sustainable hover cars, we DO consume most of our media on screens these days. Dark Matters is best enjoyed on the printed page, but if you're in favor of leaving the trees alive to absorb that surplus of carbon dioxide, rather than having them cut down to absorb ink and glue...just go digital. Besides, it's cheaper!

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Apple iTunes Store

Have an iPad? Get Dark Matters on it silly. Steve Jobs built an empire on two philosophies:

1) Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.

2) Create amazing products, that are beautiful inside and out.

When you open Dark Matters, your experience has begun. There are no boring letters from the editor, no blaring ads or boring legal jargon. Dark Matters starts with an explosion in the Namib Desert in 1918...wait what?!

Find out more on your beautiful, hi def, color iPad is too small.

Amazon's Kindle Fire

While a Kindle Fire is not as versatile as an iPad, it does have a beautiful color screen to help you get lost in the book of your choice.

We recommend the Fire, because we worked hard on the color design, but we can't stop you from reading it in black and white on the regular Kindle.


Comixology (Approved, but download pending)

Comixology is the premier place to start your digital comic library.

It works just as well on laptops and desktops as it does on the tablet of your choice. Plus, once you buy a book, it's available anywhere you have internet access. Tablets recommended so you can get cozy on the couch or in bed, but like our friend William Earnest Henley said,  you are the "master of your fate" and the "captain of your soul."