About the book

Volume #1 is the end result of a lot of work from a lot of different people, specifically James Allen, the artist. James and Pete Fitz started working on this project in 2013 and used short stories that Pete had written for their tinkering. Then more talented film/ TV/play writers were invited on board to help hash out an elaborate and dynamic, 'cliffhangerified' script  with a TON of complex, captivating details from Pete's Dark Matters mythology. Soon we were cooking with gas! After a lot of time and edits and cuts and rewrites and comic conventions and learning and recutting, we were able to print Volume #1 right before Halloween in 2016 (4 Issues/187 color pages).

We're all thankful for the journey and and what we've learned along the way...etc. Seriously, what a trip! But the journey isn't over, friends and neighbors, it's really just getting started. Volume #1 is like the pilot for a SERIES of far more exciting books, all of which are written, but just need some time with the artist.

Thanks for reading this far. We don't claim to be masters of anything, but we do care about creating an experience that has meaning for you. Check out the Free Issue #1 Download and please please please help support independent  art endeavors everywhere.

-The Team

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