With over six years experience under his belt, creative director Pete Fitz is making his way towards directing feature films. He has worked on the sets of professional features (California Solo with Marshall Lewy, The Kitchen with Ishai Setton and Time Lapse with Bradley King) and for a year as an editor with Musician/Actor/Entrepreneur (and recent oscar winner!), Jared Leto. He’s directed over ten short films - most recently The Ladder, which is premiered in 18 film festivals across the country between 2013 and 2014.  

Currently, Pete is living in Portland, Oregon with his wife Jane, working hard to get  Dark Matters on shelves. Dark Matters is historical fiction inspired by Pete’s short stories, daydreams, RadioLab episodes, and actual historical events and narratives; but, the team collaboration has made the project infinitely better.

The ultimate goal for the project is to launch it as a feature film series, television series or even as a video game franchise, but most importantly, Pete just wants you to read it and enjoy sharing it with others.



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