An award winning short film that toured in over 20 film festivals all across the country, winning a few awards along the way - yay awards!

Collections from Pete's adventures around the world with a Canon 5D Mark III

Pete’s Directing Reel:


Pete wears a lot of hats. While currently a high/middle school humanities teacher in Portland, Oregon, Pete aspires to make films and Dark Matters: The Graphic Novel Series. He’s worked as a professional director, producer, film editor, videographer and writer. His best work is an award winning short film: The Ladder, but his resume and portfolio are extensive. Check out the rest of his work below. Reach out if you need help on your next creative project! Pete’s always down to lend a hand.

(Coming Soon) Director/Producer/Writer - Siren Will Sound by Five Letter Word - 2019

Interviewer/Videographer - Portland Film Festival - 2019

Director/DP - Talk too Much (music video): Charles Arthur - 2015

Director/Assistant Camera - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots - Unofficial Music Video

Bombshell - Assistant Director - 2014

Bombshell - Assistant Director - 2014

Assistant Editor - 30 Seconds to Mars’ Into the Wild Tour Video - 2013

2nd Assistant Director - Time Lapse - 2013

Creator/Producer - The Ladder - 2013

30 Seconds to Mars/Sisyphus - Editor - 2011 to 2012

Assistant Editor - Artifact - 2012

Production Assistant - The Kitchen - 2012

Production Assistant - California Solo -  2011

Production Assistant - Distance Between - 2012

Production Assistant - Yuketen Promo - 2012

Older Work (2004-2010) and Student films @ Vimeo