Rudi Harris

A prodigy and pioneer of Biological Sciences, Rudi is Dagan’s mysterious father. Lured in by a hunger to understand a mysterious new form of energy, Rudi is unwittingly used as a pawn, greatly aiding Horace's dark master plan.  After going too far 'down the rabbit's hole,' Rudi decides he must betray Horace and destroy the progress he provided the monster. 

He aids in the escape of a mysterious test subject that belongs to Horace, a woman with heterochromia named Adella. During their escape, he falls in love with the peculiar woman and they conceive a child. Ultimately, Rudi's diary is the only piece of wisdom he can leave behind for Dagan; it unlocks the mysteries of Horace’s catastrophic plans and Dagan’s destiny as part of the ancient bloodline. 

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