Dr. Abigail Omega:

        Horace’s right hand, Omega is cold and callous, believing that morals have no place in science. She took to her chemistry set in the basement at an early age.  Her volatile experiments caused an explosion, killing her entire family, but she continued to study. Horace rescued her when a warrant was put out for her arrest after she submitted a clinically sadistic paper on weaponized toxic gases and eugenics after WWI. 

        The only person she ever admired beyond Horace was Dagan's brilliant father, Dr. Rudi Drake. After failing to seduce Rudi, Omega discovers and tries to stop Rudi's plan to defy Horace...queue the story of her arm.

         Constantly hungry to impress Horace and accompany him on his rise to world domination, Omega continues to conduct despicable experiments on human subjects where Rudi refused.

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