Jad ETO’O:

After his Herero community becomes tragic victims of European colonial takeover, Jad is forced to raise himself on the streets of Luderitz, in South West Germany (Today’s Namibia). One day he meets and befriends a curious foreigner to his land, a scientist named Dr. Rudi Drake. Rudi takes to looking after the struggling boy, when and where he can. Eventually, Jad catches on to Rudi's increasing misery and guilt and eventually helps Rudi defy the demonic Horace. 

Though young, Jad is marked by his people's knowledge of the land and the immense desert. He’s an expert marksman, a skilled hunter and scavenger, and knows every inch of the Namib Desert.  At first we only see Jad as a boy, but he may play a far larger role in the story further down the road... 

(Fun fact: Name inspired by Radiolab's Jad Abumrad and Professional soccer player, Samuel Eto'o)

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