Gareth Callahan:

A skilled engineer and inventor, Gareth has amassed immense wealth and political power - he designed and produced several battleships under contract during WWII, for example. After entering an existential funk, depressed by his lack of personal participation in the war, Gareth nobly enlists himself on one of the ships he designed. He barely survives the experience.

After their perspective war experiences, Gareth quickly befriends Dagan while they recover in the Australian, Gulpilil Hospital. A patriot at heart, Gareth considers the loss of his leg a small price to pay for freedom. Gareth is ever jovial and a meticulous problem solver. Though he wouldn’t admit it, his war experience gave the once laissez-faire Gareth a yearning to use his wealth and intellect to stop violence of any kind. Gareth’s resources run deep and his inventions are far ahead of their time.

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